Monday, June 6, 2011

PetSafe Dog Training Collar Review

As among the largest retailers of PetSafe dog training collars inside the UK we're conntacting evaluate the new PetSafe Venture Training collars.

In many respects the brand new Venture dog training collars are a large advance aesthetically in the more conventional black boxy training collars such as the old PetSafe 400 remote trainers. Should you take a look at what most manufacturers have manufactured in yesteryear it's been a black square receiver collar having a black strap and dealing a black remote handset.

The new PetSafe Venture receiver collars are great looking inside a blue translucent casing that's nicely curved to go with the dogs neck, they actually look convenient for that dogs to put on. This new exciting lifestyle appearance from the PetSafe Venture training collars has truly set them apart which factor alone has taken much interest from potential customers. Some point to notice is the fact that many people who've been just a little cautious about what others will think when their dog is wearing a static collar happen to be very happy to buy a collar that does not really seem like a static dog collar.

Venture training collars are available in two different types the Venture 350 for small dogs up to and including weight of 18kg that operate up to and including 350 meter range, and also the Venture 900 for medium to large dogs for most dogs over 18kg that actually works on the distance as much as 900 meters. Whilst the technology is identical both in the collars the amount of static pulse is understandably reduced small 350 Venture. These two Venture collars can operate One or two dogs in the same remote so that all you must do is purchase a second receiver collar to show these right into a two dog training system.

Whether you choose to purchase a new PetSafe Venture dog collar or otherwise we advise that you simply always set this on the lowest setting and merely gradually increase this before you find the right level for the dog. Please be aware that whatever you want to do is placed this in a level in which you interrupt your dogs trail of thought. This will be significant because these collars have to be used sensitively as well as in a controlled manner, by doing this they may be quite effective like a training aid.

PetSafe Venture trainers are fully waterproof so streams, rivers and lakes really are a definite yes for dogs that simply like to get wet, without any harmful affects on the collars. They are also mains rechargeable so just charge overnight and you're simply all set.

One extremely important feature these Venture collars have is a large red button on the handset, this can be a booster button that ramps the amount of static by three levels and it is ideal in emergencies. If for instance the thing is your pet running towards an active road this can be used feature in order to save the dogs life.

So how reliable are these PetSafe Venture collars? We've been selling these now for more than 6 months plus they have the symptoms of been very reliable, we now have had not many after-sales issues and usually most happen to be happy using their performance. Dogs appear to locate them very comfortable as well as their owners have discovered them effective.


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