Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leash Training Having a Head Collar for Dogs

The head collar for dogs is really a dog training collar that's designed much like a halter for any horse. It's a good option to presenting a few of the older, training devices that could deliver some pain like a help with training for example pinch collar, Woodhouse collar or and electronic collar. I've been using one both young dogs and that i can honestly say it really works.

The head collar is created by a number of different makers and all sorts of get their variations on the design but all are employed in an identical way. The collar covers the dog's nose having a loop and hooks behind the dog's head on the the surface of the neck behind the ears. The loop hangs loose, threads with an o-ring and also the lead hooks in to the end from the loop.

The device works such as this; your dog begins to lung forward, because they do the loop tightens round the nose and pulls the dog's go to the side. This accomplishes a couple of things; it breaks the dog's focus on lunging also it helps make the dog browse around in the handler.

Your dog will not just like having the loop around their nose. With a couple treats and short periods of loose wearing which are gradually increased over time will ease the transition making things just a little easier for the two of you. I've come across older dogs walking fine with one of these as though it's second nature. Remain consistent and persistent and will also be rewarded by treatments for your pet.

The head collar like every other training device is precisely that; a "training" collar. Your main goal continues to be to obtain your pet to where they're walking properly on the leash with no head collar. Interchanging sessions using the head collar with sessions with no head collar assures that you're not obtaining a certain behavior simply because working out device has been used.

From personal use with a few high energy sporting dogs I will tell you the head collar works in gaining treatments for pulling, jumping plus some types of mild aggression. You will probably see improvements the initial use. Don't let yourself be fooled into believing you've trained your pet following a short time. Practice with consistency and patience may be the method to train dogs. Recall the goal would be to train your pet just to walk on lead properly and also the head collar is a superb initial step to that particular goal.


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