Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Training Collars An alternative choice to Shock Collars

Spray dog training collars provide a safe, humane option to shock collars along with other ways of aversion training for your pet. Breaking your dog of improper habits, for example barking incessantly or stealing food, could be a difficult and challenging chore. Many pet owners turn to aversion training using devices like electric collars to show their pets to not hop on people or participate in other objectionable behaviors. Spray dog training collars attain the same benefits with no painful consequences.

What are Spray Training Collars?

Spray training collars make use of a remote radio control release a a harmless, non-toxic spray or gas if you catch your pet participating in the behaviour you need to eliminate. The spray doesn't burn or sting - it really surprises your dog by having an unexpected stimuli. The momentary startle interrupts the misbehavior, which provides the opportunity to immediately reward him to be a great dog. Inside a surprisingly short period of time, your pet will become familiar with that being "good" elicits praise and reward instead of learning that being bad elicits pain.

Available Dog Training Collars

Several companies have spray training collars on the market, all of them counting on a rather different method or kind of spray. The main one you select is determined by your choice. As the collars could be a bit pricey, many retailers rent the machine and also you only buy the gas or spray cartridges to be used using the collar.

Petsafe Remote Spray Dog collar is really a remote training device that includes a collar that emits a lemon-scented spray or perhaps a tone when activated through the radio handheld remote control. The control works from the distance as high as 300 meters. It provides four amounts of spray to be able to pick the one which gets your dog's attention. You should use spray and tone, alone or together, to strengthen your teaching.

The Masterplus Pro training system includes a receiver collar along with a small remote transmitter. When activated, the collar emits a harmless, odorless spray that interrupts your pet and enables you to regain his attention and divert him to some more desired activity.

The Jetcare Education Pro dog collar is comparable to the Masterplus Pro but provides a tone too as the spray to be able to tailor working out. Radio stations transmitter works well as much as 300 meters, and may emit whether cold spray or perhaps a tone that's audible for your dog.

Spray Commander provides the same features as the more costly options, including a waterproof collar that continues to be effective even when your dog decides to consider a dip within the lake with it. Such as the others, radio stations handheld remote control works well at as much as 300 meters, and also the batteries for that remote are rechargeable.

All from the dog collars are adjustable to suit necks as much as 28 inches, so there is a collar which will match your pup. The spray collar technology provides quick, good success without relying on shouting, electric shock or any other aversion techniques. Why train your pet with fear or pain when there's an alternative choice available?


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